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TrichoScope PDM Optics

TrichoScope PDM offers several magnification levels with a single lense application. General magnification levels range from as low as x10 and as high as x500 (by zoom-out and zoom-in functions), while using it just as a portable microsopic camera independently from PC and saving images to the memory card. However, for clear scalp and hair images, either during such independent operation, or while being connected and transmitting diagnostic images directly to PC, there are certain set two magnifiation levels, lower at x40 and higher at x175, applicable to obtain most accurate diagnostic results. The specific set magnification values within these ranges entirely depend on a target of study individual properties and can be easily adjusted as well as custom accepted by TrichoSciencePro © software.

TrichoScope PDM single optical lens 

x40 magnification sample images:

x40 magnification sample images for Phototrichogram study with immersion fluid used:

x175 magnification sample images:

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