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TrichoScope ASG Optics

TrichoScope ASG videocamera has a special handle, very convenient to hold and scan hair and scalp while taking diagnostic images. A total of five interchangable magnifying lenses with different levels of magnifications to be attached to videocamera are suppied for the TrichoScope ASG system These magnification levels are x1, x10, x60, x200 and x1000, also x60 lens is a special triple mode lens with normal hair, normal scalp and polarizing modes allowing to capture different mode diagnostic images of the same scalp area.            

TrichoScope ASG videocamera with x200 magnification lens

TrichoScope ASG videocamera's  x1, x10, x60Triple and x1000 magnification lenses

x1 lens sample images: 

x10 lens sample images:

x60Triple lens sample images:

x60 Triple lens sample images of same area in 3 different modes:

x60 Triple lens sample images for Phototrichogram study with immersion fluid used

x200 lens sample images:

x1000 lens sample images:

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