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Trilogic and B&B International Enterprises, group of companies are developers and official distributors of the TrichoSciencePro© Software. With any computer program and diagnostic equipment orders and purchase requests, inquiries on product delivery, applicable technical support, optional office or on-site training, package installations. etc., please contact us and our authorized representatives as follows:

North America:

Boston, Unites States:

Address: 7 Munroe Str., Ste #2, Boston, MA 02460, United States
Tel: +16178000627
E-mail: office@yourhair.us

European Union:

Vilnius, Lithuania: 

Address: 45 Paneriu Str., Ste #401, Vilnius LT-03202, Lithuania
Tel: + 37060009011
E-mail: office@yourhair.eu

Russia and CIS countries:

Moscow, Russia:

Address: Krzhizhanovsky Str. 24/35, Bldg #4, Moscow 117292, Russian Federation
Tel: +79262100391
E-mail: office@yourhair.ru


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