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Each standard “Dermatoscopy” diagnostic session is composed of “General Dermatoscopy” and “Pigmented Lesions” diagnostic sections steps for scalp condition assessment and final “Conclusion/Print results” completion step. Both diagnostic sections are identical in use. After a good quality scalp image is obtained and placed in the left window, it can be compared against an extended database of sample images, representing various scalp problems and diseases in the scrollable area, in order to choose for a diagnostic image, which is matching, or most applicable to a current case. "Linear measurer” and “Circular measurer” functions allow to estimate a size, area and diameter, as well as a symmetry of a skin structures, i.e. lesions, neoplasms, melanomas, tumors, etc. Both diagnostic sessions of this module also have “Calculator” functions with three most common Dermatoscopic algorithms for pigmented lesions assessmentto enter corresponding number of points in its third graph. For “ABC” and “Argeniziano” algorithms mark corresponding points in the fourth graph, if applicable. When finished, results can be evaluated by pressing “Evaluation of results” button for an additional data.

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