TSP_ASG_FFG_DLP.jpgThe Software is designated for work with any optical visualization equipment, having at least two specific levels of magnification - lower (from x20 to x60) and higher (from x100 to x200). While very low (from x10 to x20) and high (from x400 to x1000) levels of magnifications are being used for certain studies, as well.

However, one of the advantages of this Software is that it may be used with optical equipment having only one lower level of magnification, while still allowing to perform most important assessments and studies. Therefore, virtually any Trichoscope or Videodermatoscope with an option of taking and transmitting an image to a computer may be successfully used with it.

Based on our expertise, the best suited equipment to meet program requirements is TrichoScope ASG optical system with a variety of magnifications and modes, delivered by individually set lens application. This is one of the most versatile and eficient visualization systems with an absolutely exceptional quality and the Software preset input data is based on this specific equipment settings. However, it may be easily changed to meet other video input requirements!

For some lower budget and less magnification options, however, still quite suitable for most clinical and limited research environment, while offering an established vendor support with worldwide presency, we recommend the TrichoScope DLP or TrichoScope FFG systems, based on a single optical lens, allowing for certain lower and higher levels of magnification and important specific application modes.

And in cases, when even lower budget, but portable and still offering a high video quality output equipment is sufficient, we are recommending the TrichoScope PDM system, also with a single optical lens, allowing for lower and higher levels of magnification, but no additional modes, which may be considered as an alternative and/or additional solution, especially when a completely unlimited mobility of a diagnostic services provision is of a greater importance.

If interested, please inquire about these specific optical equipment systems, as we can provide your choice of the TrichoScope system together with your choice of the Software in a fully ready for operations bundle.