Combination treatment of Chronic Telogen Alopecia clinical study, by Aesthetic Medicine Journal, August 2008


M. Khaldina of BioMi Vita Cosmetology and Trichology Clinic, Moscow, Russia

TrichoScience software used in clinical study to review the efficacy of combination pathogenetic therapy of Chronic Telogen Alopecia by analyzing changes in Anagen and Telogen hair rates, their densities and diameters. The article reviews combination Pathogenetic Therapy of Chronic Telogen Alopecia: topical shampoo and masks preventing hair loss, multivitamin Mesotherapy and oral administration of Pantogar/Pantovigar as a hair follicle metabolism inductor. The 6 months results of follow-up and therapy are presented. Besides monitored by software measurable parameters, the treatment efficacy was also evaluated in point system per hair tension tests and patients assessment questionnaires. The treatment effect has shown to be the highest when all these modalities were used in combination.

Original article in Aesthetic Medicine Journal, August 2008, by Society of Aesthetic Medicine Specialists, Moscow, Russia.