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TrichoScope FFG

TrichoScope FFG is a perfect solution for a lower budget diagnostic visualization equipment needs with a wider range of set magnification options, convenient and suitable for any clinical or non-clinical environment. This TrichoScope is based on a handheld digital microscope with single optical lens approach, allowing by means of interchangeable scope spacers for 5 different set levels of magnification at x25, x35, x45, x100, x120 optically and up to x500 digitally with multilevel adjustable polarization. By simply rotating polarizer filter, the TrichoScope with its 12 settings of polarization can efficiently decrease the reflection glare to almost any extent, thus allowing for a most perfect hair visualization, as well as to see through the partially transparent surface of the scalp, while an addition of the special attachable to lens glass cover, included with equipment supply, enables to conveniently perform studies with immersion media applied. Thanks to the built-in 8 ultra-bright white LED's with adjustable brightness, an external light source is not needed for its 2 or 5 million pixel image sensor, enabling to scan hairs and scalp to streamline video, as well as by means of the built-in snapshot button to send captured images to computer. Depending on connection with PC, wired or wirelss, there is no need for additional power source in the first case, as this device is fully powered just by USB 2.0 connection to PC, while in the second case, it comes wiith wireless receiver for USB2.0 port and an AC otlet charger, while conveniently allowing to transmit the singal to workstation from up to 6 meters or 20 feet distance.   






Other features:

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